Ultimate Spring

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Pair this case with the sunny Spring weather. You can’t go wrong with 6 bottles of RoseWines

This case features 3(x2) different Romanian wines that you can pair with the Sunny spring weather and good friends. No matter what style of wine you drink, everyone finds something in this case that they enjoy and can identify with (from beginner to wine experts).
Feteasca Neagră is the oldest Romanian variety, with roots during the first domestication of the wild vine, which makes the variety adapt quickly to new places, gaining a distinct expression in each region. The wine is delicate and reminiscent of the white peaches from the grandparents’ garden. Recommended serving temperature: 11ºC – 13ºC. It combines beautiful with seafood dishes.

Jiana, a memorable rose of the Oprişor Winery, knits contrasts and synergies. To the refined intensity of the pale pink nuance is added the fresh inviting aromas of white cherries, peaches and mangoes. Wine’s ideal acidity, well integrated into an elegant, slightly creamy structure, with notes of early cherries, spice and vanilla perceived through the back of the nose, a moderated alcohol and persistent finish make this wine a perfect companion on any summer day. Recommended serving temperature: 8ºC – 10ºC. Great combination with seafood.

Maiastru is a modern semi-dry wine, delicate, with fresh strawberry and raspberries flavours that incite on both nose aroma intensity and consistency of the taste. A perfect choice for a summer chilly wine. Recommended serving temperature: 8ºC – 10ºC. It combines beautiful with seafood dishes.

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63,52  55,00