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The Prestige range, developed under the royal coat of arms and composed of five white and three red wines, is a statement born to carry the founding values of Segarcea as far as possible. Each of the eight Prestige wines is the perfect opportunity to enter the world of those for whom a glass of wine is always a story about the beauty of life.

The quality of the Cabernet in Oltenia is already well-known and the one in Segarcea is no exception. If any confirmation was needed, it was brought by the various gold medals obtained, the most recent one being at t 2010 at Concours International des Cabernets, 2022, France.


Awards and recognitions

GOLD – Concours International des Cabernets, 2022, France


Tasting Description

The wine groups an extremely wide spectrum of aromas, due to the long maceration of almost eight weeks and to the maturation of 8-18 months in oak barrels. The aromas vary from jams to fresh fruits and vanilla, the olfactory dimension being confirmed in taste. The well- integrated tannins are complemented by a long and ample aftertaste.


Serving suggestion

Excellent companion to steaks, steaks and cutlets. Recommended temperature: 16ºC – 18ºC.


The estate has 41.8 hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon, planted with a density of 5,000 plants per hectare. The pruning mode is simple Guyot. For this range, plots with a production of 6 tons/ha are chosen. The grapes, mechanically harvested, were crushed and then kept for maceration-fermentation in piston wineries, for eight weeks. Maceration-fermentation in piston tanks essentially contributes to the extraction of tannins, anthocyanins and to obtain a deep colour. The wine was aged in French and American oak barrels of first and second passage, for a variable period, between 8 and 18 months, depending on the type of barrel.



Bordeaux, Burgundy, Piedmont and “Domeniul Coroanei” Segarcea share the 44º parallel, the unparalleled wine parallel.

The vineyard of “Domeniul Coroanei” covers 277 hectares. Its location in an amphitheater open to the south ensures a record number of hours of sunshine per vegetation cycle (from the first buds in spring to hibernation). The soil consists of a layer of chernozem, under which there is a layer of limestone, then a former seabed, this structure gives the wine the acidity that perfectly complements the character of well-ripened wine fruit.

The 277 hectares of vineyards have been completely replanted, with the exception of some old stumps more than a century old, which allowed a unique variety, “Tămâioasa Roză”, to be saved.

“In all work in the vineyard, we try to stay as close as possible to traditional methods and use the most appropriate solutions, so that we coexist with nature and do not exploit it. From grazing (to combat excess water after rainfall) to drainage, from a minimum of synthetic substances to more than 30,000 rose nests planted at each end of the row to give us timely warning of impending infections such as downy mildew, powdery mildew or other vine infections, we try to create a harmonious whole and the biodiversity (both flora and fauna) reborn around the vineyard is proof that we have chosen the best path.”


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Cabernet Sauvignon




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