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Everything that exists in Oltenia is somehow connected to faith, to orthodoxy, to divinity. The Oltenians could not have endured the bad times without the flame of faith. Even today their robes and the trophies at the crossroads spread an air of humility (Smerenie), but not that of a defeated man, but of one who has placed his soul and future at God’s disposal.

Smerenie is a tribute to the immortal soul and a determined faith and trust in God.


Tasting Description
An intense ruby red wine with a sophisticated nose of red and black fruits, silky, sexy, powerful and complex. Scents of salmiac, laurel, eucalyptus and chocolate from aging in French oak with a delicious pepper on the finish. The wine is a blend of shiraz, pinot noir and dornfelder. The wine is already delicious now but can age for years to come.


Serving suggestion
An excellent companion to steaks medium rare, lamb and stews.


The grapes are hand picked and selected. Appropriate amounts of Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Dornfelder are fermented with the skins in three refrigerated tanks. After this, the wine undergoes aging in French oak. The wine has tremendous potential for aging.


The Crama Oprisor winery is located in the Drincea Valley. Vines have been present here since the 15th century. The hills of Golul Drincei form a beautiful viticultural “amphitheater” and this area is famous for producing high quality wines.

The vineyard of Crama Oprisor has a temperate climate with influence of the Danube and Carpathian rivers. The vineyards are located on the north-south slope. The soil has a high clay and humus content.

Alcohol %



Pinot Noir, Syrah, Dornfelder




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