Rusalca Alba – White Blend

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As we can expect from Oprisor winery yet another ancient story is being captured in the beautiful label of this wine. According to Romanian folk legends, the Rusalca, represented on the label is a malefic  mermaid, a predatory female fish who, turned into a woman and wandering about woods, used to seduce young men and drown them in the river or in the lake.

This atypically complex and stratified wine requires a thorough approach as long as it is consumed… at ease, if possible. With a solid body from Chardonnay, with discreet flavours from Sauvignon Blanc, borrowing life from Riesling, equilibrated by Pinot Gris, boasting a fine balance between acidity, alcohol and body, RUSALCA is a wine assumed according to the colour and warmth of the moment: of talking and telling stories, of keeping silence and regarding – the way the drinker chooses to accompany the liquor.


Tasting Description 

Rusalcă Albă blend is a complete white wine combining Chardonnay’s fruitiness and personality with Sauvignon’s refinement and flavour, to which Riesling’s unctuosity and liveliness, overlapping Pinot Gris’ well-balanced structure, is added. It’s a lively, fresh and harmonious wine, as its intense and agreeable aroma incorporates both the delicate spring blossom scents and the specific saltiness of the area.


Serving suggestion 

Recommended serving temperature: 8ºC – 10ºC. Enjoy with grilled fish.


The Crama Oprisor winery is located in the Drincea Valley. Vines have been present here since the 15th century. The hills of Golul Drincei form a beautiful viticultural “amphitheater” and this area is famous for producing high quality wines.

The vineyard of Crama Oprisor has a temperate climate with influence of the Danube and Carpathian rivers. The vineyards are located on the north-south slope. The soil has a high clay and humus content.

Alcohol %



Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling


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14,75  11,80 

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