Cabernet Sauvignon


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Oprişor’s third basic element, the earth, is the easiest and most difficult to explain. Regarded day in, day out, the earth becomes in such an extent a part of life, that, without noticing, it turns invisible. And yet, this earth gives much back. King of wine yard, king of wines, Cabernet is the cornerstone of the Oprisor winery, the winemaker’s exceptional product.

Embarrassingly simple, one might think! But nothing is simple! For this wine six wines were used. Six wines with different maturation times, different barrels, older or newer, from grapes picked in different parts of the vineyard, each wine worked to its fullest expression. Blending into the same wine means, as with the most complicated coupage, alchemy, talent, love, hard work and, above all: an understanding of place.

This wine was launched in July 2009 and it is now well know to wine lovers as the “Red Label”.


Tasting Description 
A  wine with an intense ruby colour and complex flavours of redcurrants, cherries and chocolate. Full body Cab with soft and ripe tannine.


Serving suggestion 
Recommended with steak medium rare or lamb chops. Recommended temperature: 16ºC – 18ºC


Destemming & Crushing was done with slow speed and gentle crushing rolls. Skin contact for 18 days. After pressing at max 1,1 Bar, the wine followed malolactic fermentation at 19-20ºC. Later the wine was transferred into French oak barrels for aging, micro-oxidation and tannin integration, for a period of 11 months.



The Crama Oprisor winery is located in the Drincea Valley. Vines have been present here since the 15th century. The hills of Golul Drincei form a beautiful viticultural “amphitheater” and this area is famous for producing high quality wines.

The grapes for this wine have been harvested on an area 8,2 ha, in the block as called “Dealul Cioaca”. Properly weather season for red grapes, gentle winter followed by hot and sunny summer. Positive influence of Danube river valley and Balkan Mountains close. South facing hill area orientation towards Drincea Valley and Oprisor village. The soil structure: insertion of clay, limestone and gravel and some iron oxi layers.

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Cabernet Sauvignon




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