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Origini represents a selection of distinctive and elegant wines that faithfully express the unique character of Budureasca vineyards.

Only the very best grapes are used to create these unique wines, which have extraordinary aging potential.They are manually selected and sorted from parcels where climatic conditions, soil, and sunlight exposure are ideal, to give full-bodied wines with great character. The reds are aged for at least 12 months in oak barrels originating from different parts of the world to increase their complexity and structure.

These exquisite wines arise at the end of a creative process developed from the stage of grape cultivation in the vineyard, up to the aging of the wine in the bottle. The name Origini represents the origins of winemaking in this region, thousands of years ago.


Tasting notes

More than a decade after bottling, this wine shows emblematic vibrancy with a beautiful, dense and bright golden color. In the nose complex aromas of flowers, white flesh, peaches and muscat. The taste is a sweet delight, reminding us of dried flowers, pollen and royal jelly. Later, the wine takes on new dimensions and teases our senses with accents of  physalis, fresh pastry and vanilla cream.


Serving tip

It is served as such or paired with cheese or bitter or sour desserts. Recommended temperature: 10ºC – 12ºC.



To bring out the sweet character of the Tamaioasa Romaneasca, the grapes were hand-picked late in the season. This preserved a large amount of natural sugar. Then the grape juice was kept in contact with the skins for 24 hours to extract maximum aromas.



Budureasca vineyards are part of the famous Dealu Mare region (located in the Southern Subcarpathians) and spread over an area of approximately 275 hectares – of which 250 hectares were replanted, while the old vines were kept on 25 hectares.The area includes numerous hills and valleys, from the Teleajen River in the west to the Buzau River in the east. The hilly massif, with its southern position, is an ideal place for vine cultivation. The altitude of Budureasca vineyards ranges from 175m to 400m. The conditions favor in particular the production of black grapes, but white grapes also enjoy extremely favorable conditions, resulting in very aromatic and fruity white wines.The Southern positioning, sunny location and extremely rich soils, consisting of chernozems and limestone, offer the vines properties that are almost impossible to find in other regions of the country. The temperate continental climate, with frequent hot air coming from the Mediterranean side, also contributes to the exquisite quality of the wines produced at Budureasca.
It is not a coincidence that Budureasca vineyards are located on Parallel 45, the same geographical coordinates as Bordeaux or Burgundy, two famous regions in the wine industry. The result is a terroir with extraordinary potential for the production of high-class wines.
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