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In the traditional Romanian shawl called ”marama”, craftsmanship and modesty meet. The finest cotton or silk fabric was adorned with geometric motifs whose meaning, now almost lost, was similar to that of the signs sewn on the Romanian traditional blouse called ”ie”. Part of the traditional Romanian garments, it was worn with dignity by both the queen and by simple women, on holidays.

For ”Domeniul Coroanei” Segarcea , this symbol has inspired these six wines made from 100% Romanian vine varieties. They bring joy to the man who carries his history and traditions in his heart. And, as a model vineyard of the kings of Romania, the wine maker is sending a reverence over time to the one who consecrated the invaluable custom of wearing the ”marama”, Queen Maria, the one who stood by King Ferdinand at the Great Union.

Tămâioasa Roamanească

The Romanian tradition almost imperatively requires that Tămâioasa Roamanească be vinified sweet, or at least semi-sweet. In Segarcea, this variety has been cultivated for a relatively short time, so the winemaker tried to experiment with all its expressions and the dry wine variant proved to be incredibly expressive, offering an incredible expression of the Oltenian land.

The extremely complex bouquet goes from roses to the pulp of sweet fruits, from white flowers to the classic Muscat aromas. The strong and long taste proves to be refreshing, with an acidity that gives the vivacity that sets in motion the complex and full of structure ensemble that the aromatic levels give.

Recommended serving temperature: 11ºC – 13ºC.

Feteasca regală

Although it is approaching the centenary of its discovery and homologation, Feteasca regală is not yet fully known. It has long been thought that her parents are Feteasca Alba and Grasa, but recent studies have refuted this hypothesis. At Segarcea, these grapes grew for 15 years, until the full potential of the variety was discovered. The result was an elegant and expressive wine, with notes of peach and gingerbread.

An exceptional wine with buttery tendencies and nuances of toasted seeds and candied apricots, along with a suitable density and silky aspect, incorporating spicy sensations of white fruits (slightly raw peaches, unripe pineapple), but also spicy notes of hints of a brightened acacia wood for a long balanced and authentic taste.

Recommended serving temperature: 11ºC – 13ºC. The wine is suitable as an accompaniment to shellfish (prawns, lobsters, crabs, lobsters, etc.) or fatter fish, as well as poultry (chicken, chicken, turkey, etc.) or grilled lamb.

Tamaioasa Roza

A rose wine with distinctive notes that is ready to take you by surprise with its fresh, fruity taste and good acidity. This variety of dry wine was produced from selected grapes, picked by hand. The result is a young wine with complex aromas, reminiscent of roses and young red fruits, ideal with lamb dishes, cheeses but also as an aperitif.

Recommended serving temperature: 11ºC – 13ºC.

Feteasca Neagra Roze

Feteasca Neagră is the oldest Romanian variety, with roots during the first domestication of the wild vine, which makes the variety adapt quickly to new places, gaining a distinct expression in each region.

Feteasca Neagra Roze is a dry wine that combines the tradition of this variety with the modernism of today’s tastes. The wine of a perfect pinkish-fresh colour has a long, fresh aftertaste, perfect for a chat among friends on summer evenings.

Recommended serving temperature: 11ºC – 13ºC. It combines beautiful with seafood dishes.

Feteasca Neagră

Feteasca Neagră is considered the flagship variety of Romania, not only due to its antiquity and tradition, but also due to its ability to give birth to elegant, expressive and full of personality wines.

A spoiled variety, whose taste and aroma vary infinitely depending on where it grows, when it is picked or how long it has been in the barrel, it is exclusively handpicked and treated with the utmost care from the moment it is picked until the moment it is poured into the glass. The Feteasca Neagra from Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea is the quintessence of the saying “Some things are worth waiting for.”

The wine is young and lively, with complex aromas and a noticeable density, dominated by fresh notes of red fruits.

Recommended serving temperature: 16ºC – 18ºC. We recommend to open the bottle half an hour before serving and for the wine to be decanted.


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