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According to Romanian folk legends, the Măiastru, the bird depicted on the labels of this wine series, is endowed with inexhaustible magical powers. He expresses the essence of flight and symbolizes ascension to spirituality and transcendence, the tendency toward the ideal, toward exaltation.

Similarly, wine can play the role of spiritual healer, as a link between the abstract and the concrete. The wines offered by Oprisor in the MĂIASTRU range have a certain personality, characterized by a particular velvety texture, an unusual aromatic intensity and a particular minerality.

Maiastru Cabernet Sauvignon: An Exceptional Romanian Jewel


Tasting notes

Maiastru Cabernet Sauvignon is so expressive and textural that it is almost eaten rather than drunk. With its distinctive robust and masculine character, it quickly reveals itself as a playful adult, with notes reminiscent of childhood – blackcurrants, dark chocolate, cocoa, and… the juicier and more flavorful cherries stolen from its neighbors, richer than those at the market or in your own orchard. A touch of minerality enhances its depth, and together with well-integrated tannins makes it a friendly and approachable wine.

With its deep ruby color and a hint of vegetal notes, Maiastru Cabernet Sauvignon presents itself as a round, full-bodied wine.


Serving tip

At 13% alcohol by volume, it is the ideal choice to pair with pork or beef dishes.


The Crama Oprisor winery is located in the Drincea Valley. Vines have been present here since the 15th century. The hills of Golul Drincei form a beautiful viticultural “amphitheater” and this area is famous for producing high quality wines.

The vineyard of Crama Oprisor has a temperate climate with influence of the Danube and Carpathian rivers. The vineyards are located on the north-south slope. The soil has a high clay and humus content.




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