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The Cabernet Sauvignon from Crama Oprisor’s famous La Cetate series. The name La Cetate (The Fortress) refers to a the history of the place where Crama Oprisor stands today. Ruins of an ancient fortress have been found on this spot that used to protect the inhabitants of Drince Valley.

La Cetate is Crama Oprisor’s first series of “premium wines,” a series that has delivered exceptional wines from its first year of production. The La Cetate series has made history in the revival of Romanian wine.

This Cabenet Sauvignon is proves its legendary noble qualities, its supremacy in coagulating the tens of nuances defining a great wine.


Tasting Description
Intense, complex, a real gustative epos of sombre and deep tones revealing coffee and forest fruits. The velvety taste is enveloped in silky nuances of currants and coffee mousse.


Serving suggestion
An excellent companion to porc dishes.


The Crama Oprisor winery is located in the Drincea Valley. Vines have been present here since the 15th century. The hills of Golul Drincei form a beautiful viticultural “amphitheater” and this area is famous for producing high quality wines.

The vineyard of Crama Oprisor has a temperate climate with influence of the Danube and Carpathian rivers. The vineyards are located on the north-south slope. The soil has a high clay and humus content.


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Cabernet Sauvignon


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