My name is Andreia Muresan…. I am from Baia Mare, a town in Maramures, Transilvania region in Romania and I have been living in the Netherlands for 22 years. Jan and I know each other for about 7 years now.

We both love wine and we enjoy importing Romanian wines to the Netherlands. While Jan is taking care of the logistical aspect of our business I’m really more about telling the story behind the special Romanian wines.

Passion for story telling

The love for telling stories I probably got from my grandfather. He had a special interest in history and loved to tell stories about it. His stories included World War II and the history of Romania.

Until I was 12, Romania was a dictatorship. It must have been right after the Revolution that my grandfather went to visit King Mihai and Queen Ana.

(Photo from our family archive: my grandfather, grandmother and aunt visiting the king in Switzerland)

At that time I was a little girl, with half-long black hair and had a terrible haircut. In fact, I always went to the hairdresser with my grandfather and had bangs cut just above my thick black eyebrows. And above my lip I had little soft black hair, a little mustache in other words. All in all I didn’t feel like the prettiest girl in the country. 

And there I was, standing right in front of the queen! My grandfather was talking to the king and I could hardly move from the excitement. The queen looked at me, she smiled and said, “You are beautiful!”……. Immediately I forgot about my ugly haircut and little mustache and I felt so much self-confidence! I was happy!!! So happy!!! 

I always carry that feeling with me. It’s crazy how something so small can have such a big impact. Anyway, it brought me a lot and that is why Queen Ana will always have a special place in my heart.