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The wonderful world of Romanian wine!

Want to learn more about the wonderful world of Romanian wine? Then look no further! Our blog is dedicated to helping you understand the history, culture and production of some of Romania’s most delicious wines.

Explore unique flavors and aromas

With its wide variety of climates and soils, Romania produces a range of different wines with unique flavors and aromas. On our blog, we explore some of these incredible wines and discover their individual characteristics that make them so special. Whether a light white or a full-bodied red, each bottle promises an exciting journey of flavor discovery!


About us

Until I was 12, Romania was a dictatorship. It must have been right after the Revolution that my grandfather went to visit King Mihai and Queen Ana.

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The start of our adventure

It is the summer of 2021. We are sitting on the terrace of one of the best restaurants in Baia Mare, Romania. As in many good restaurants in my motherland, traditional Romanian food is served here, such as delicious Mici (lamb/pork mince from the grill) or Ciorba de Burta (Belly Soup). For me, it’s a feast! And fortunately, Jan – my partner – also likes Romanian food very much. Except for the pork ears I ordered once… He didn’t like them much! Ultima Regina With good food comes good wine, we...

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